Monthly Payment 10% discount


Issue Dates Ad Closing Materials Deadline
1/15/2014 1/1/2014 1/5/2014
2/15/2014 2/1/2014 2/5/2014
3/15/2014 3/1/2014 3/5/2014
4/15/2014 4/1/2014 4/5/2014
5/15/2014 5/1/2014 5/5/2014
6/15/2014 6/1/2014 6/5/2014
7/15/2014 7/1/2014 7/5/2014
8/15/2014 8/1/2014 8/5/2014
9/15/2014 9/1/2014 9/5/2014
10/15/2014 10/1/2014 10/5/2014
11/15/2014 11/1/2014 11/5/2014
12/15/2014 12/1/2014 12/5/2014

Terms and Conditions
– All ads are subject to approval by Bilingual Magazine.
-Frequency discounts are based on the number of ads run within a 3, 6, and 12-month period.
-Ads may not be cancelled after the ad closing dates published in the  Bilingual Magazine media kit.
-An advertiser who does not complete a contracted schedule within 3, 6, and 12 months of the first insertion will be billed for discounts taken but not earned.
-Premium positions may not be available if purchased earlier by other advertisers.
-Ads will be invoiced  and first payment is due upon signature of sales agreement and before publication of each issue. Payment is due 30 days before the publication of next issue contracted. Additional charges for the amount of $50 dollars will be applied for every 30 days pass due account.
– Bilingual Magazine reserves the right to require advance payment for ads.

2014 Bilingual Magazine Advertising Contract
(Rates are per issue and are the same for 4 color and black/white)

one month
Specify 1st month of ad

3 consecutives months
Specify 1st month of ad

6 consecutives months
Specify 1st month of ad

12 consecutives months
Specify 1st month of ad

There is no charge for cancellations of ads if cancellation occurs within 72 hours of placement, or 3 days of signature of contract agreement. A charge of $25 will apply to later cancellations. No changes or cancellations will be accepted on deadline day.  For alterations in your payments, contact your PayPal account executive. 

Bilingual Magazine is not responsible for errors when ad copy is accepted by phone. Advertisers sending artwork are responsible for the accuracy of the content and for supplying the artwork in accordance with the above material specifications. Credit will be granted to advertisers for errors only when error would prevent contacting the advertiser and is the fault of the publisher.

1/2 page with pic – 85 words | without pic – 125
1/4 page with pic – 175 words | without pic – 205
1/2 page with pic – 275 words | without pic – 430

Copies distributed in over 100 locations including Hair Salons, Grocery stores, Convenient Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, and more. We deliver in all Pinellas county including St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Ozona, and Tarpon Springs.

The Publisher reserves the right to edit all copy submitted and reject those ads which are not in compliance with state and/or federal regulations, or those which are offensive, false, misleading, deceptive or similarly unacceptable. Alcoholic beverage or tobacco advertisements and ads dealing with the occult, work at home, dietary supplement and 900 numbers are accepted only under the discretion of the publisher.

By Maria Bengono