Prices, Benefits & Policy Wording

Prices, Benefits &amp Policy Wording

What’s covered

Before you go, you should carefully review your travel insurance coverage (including the full description of coverage in the policy wording) to make sure this travel insurance policy is right for your trip.

The plans and cover available depends on where you are from – your country of residence. You should choose the country where you are a citizen or where you permanently live. This is the country where you’d want to be repatriated back to in the event of a medical emergency, where you have unrestricted right of entry and where you have access to long term medical care if required.

All plans are different. They may have limits or specific conditions to cover, upgrades or options, or only cover certain situations. You should look at the full description of coverage in the policy wording for any conditions or exclusions to cover, particularly if you decide to do any adventurous activities or sports while travelling. If you’re not sure about the coverage, it’s best to ask World Nomads so there are no surprises if you do need to make a claim.

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By Maria Bengono