About Us


Bilingual Magazine is a FREE publication. Its format is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 in full color and glossy paper. It is distributed by drop off in multiple businesses (groceries, salons, gas stations, clinics, lawyer’s offices, and more). We increase our printing volume every issue. So far, we can reach out more than 25,000 consumers, a combination of hard copies plus our Online Digital Link.

Bilingual Magazine tries to be a reflection of our diverse community by empowering different languages and cultures through its articles. Bilingual Magazine has communicates to readers in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Greek. We are inviting our collaborators to share their culture, life experiences, services and products so that our readers can feel motivated to purchase your products, or use your services.

In Bilingual Magazine, we believe our community could benefits enormously from learning about each other’s cultures. Education and intercultural relationships are “key” to success in any country. It will be ideal for Bilingual Magazine to be considered as the venue to connect local residents with business, organizations, educational opportunities, fellow students from study abroad programs, and visitors from all over the world.

Please, let us know what type of advertisement needs does your company has or want, so that we can provide you with that service, helping you to increase traffic into your business or expand your services.

For info please call Maria Bengono at 727 657-3472

Emai: info@bilingualmagazine.net

By Maria Bengono